Bible Study Option # 1~ January 2013

Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes is a 31-day devotional study beginning Tuesday, January 1st through Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you see yourself the same way God sees you? 

How you view yourself can have a profound effect on your everyday living. 

Sometimes negative people or circumstances can leave you feeling down about yourself.  Or an inflated perception of yourself can interfere with the work God wants to do in and through you. 

The key to healthy Christian living is to see yourself through God’s eyes.  After all, if you don’t know who you are, you can’t know God’s plan and purpose for your life.

How well do you know your true identity as a child of Christ?  You are worth so much to God that He died for you! Discover the great riches of your identity in the 31 devotions in this book and experience the exciting transformation that comes from seeing yourself through God’s eyes

The above description was taken directly from the book. The book is written by June Hunt. 

Jennifer Storz is leading the study.  The devotional book is available for sale.  We encourage you to support our local Christian bookstore - Heavenly Helpers in El Campo, Texas.  The book is available in their store.  The price of the book is $9.99.  They can even ship it to you for an additional $5.    If you mention God's GALS then you will receive a 5% discount!  

We are discussing the daily devotionals periodically via email.  The daily devotionals are short in length.  If you would like to participate, please contact Jennifer at 713.822.1758 or

Join us for the two face-to-face meetings at the First United Methodist Church Edna Parlor                 (located on the 1st floor of the Moon Building)

Sunday, January 13th from 2 pm - 3pm  AND

Saturday, February 2nd from 10am - 11am

                     Bible Study Option #2                   

January 2013-March 2013

“I Used to Be So Organized” is a 9-week study

(all online) beginning

Sunday, January 6th with the final wrap-up on Thursday, March 7th

Combining spiritual encouragement and practical application I Used to Be So Organized presents a balanced approach to finding order and peace for today’s overwhelmed woman.

I Used to Be So Organized addresses the frustrations many women feel when they can’t get a handle on their lives.  They know, deep in their hearts, they should be able to manage things.  After all, they used to be organized… ten or twenty years ago.  But now, life seems to hand them one distraction and challenge after another, and “helpful technology” that just seem to add to the problem.  Just when they think they have “caught up,” something else changes, and there’s more to be done.

In this book, Glynnis Whitwer addresses the issue of organization based in this new reality of information overload, overwhelming choices, increased expectations and technology advances that won’t slow down.  This book contains twenty-three chapters, each short enough for a busy woman to read during a lunch break.  Every aspect of life comes together in this one easy-to-read guide.    

Words from Karen Ehman, director of Speakers for Proverbs 31 Ministries; author, wife of twenty-five years and homeschooling mother of three.

Oh, how I wish years ago I’d cradled in my hands the volume you now hold.  My dear friend Glynnis Whitwer knows all too well the feeling of being an in charge gal.  She is truly one of the most intelligent, insightful, and capable women I know. 

It will make you love her all the more when you realize she also readily admits this reality; she doesn’t always have it all together.  She too, as an author, a home business owner, and editor of the Proverbs 31 Woman Magazine, still struggles with missed appointments, lost items, and class treats that never got made.  She too struggles with feelings of inadequacy, apprehension, and even sometimes fears of failure.

But Glynnis also understands a very crucial fact.  She knows just where to go with her feelings of helplessness.  Her encouraging words, clever ideas, and biblical insight will send you running to the only Author of perfection.  Her warm, vulnerable, “I’ve been there” style will gently point you to the One in whom we can find our sense of worth.  Not in what we accomplish each day, but in what he already accomplished at the cross.

So grab a cup of something hot and get ready to be encouraged by a girlfriend who will come along side you.  Her motivating ideas will give you something to shoot for, yet her graceful and grace-filled demeanor will help you to know you aren’t going to get it all done – not all of the time.

Glynnis will help you finally strike that delicate balance between doing and being, all the while showing you how to put God and your loved ones first.

Tyanne Rakowitz is leading the study.  The book is available for sale.  We encourage you to support our local Christian bookstore - Heavenly Helpers in El Campo, Texas.  The book is available in their store for $14.99.   They can even ship it to you for an additional $5.    If you mention God's GALS then you will receive a 5% discount!.  If you would like to participate, please contact Tyanne at 361.771.5210 or

Schedule of Events for this study:

Thursday, January 17th                                                          1st Conference Call   7 – 8 pm

Thursday, February 7                                              Face to Face meeting   6 – 7 pm

Sunday, February 17            

2nd Conference Call   7 - 8 pm

 Wrap Up…March 7th                                              Face to Face Meeting (Wrap-Up)  6 – 7 pm