Monica Bard

Hi I’m Monica Bard!  I grew up in Ganado, Texas and graduated from Ganado High School in 1980.  I’ve been a licensed attorney for 25 years and have spent the last 15 years as an attorney with Duckett, Bouligny & Collins in El Campo.  I’ve been married to my husband, Gary,  for 26 years and we’re blessed with a 21 year old daughter, Meredith, a 2009 graduate of El Campo High School.  Meredith was our precious miracle and is the apple of our eyes . Being Meredith’s mom is the best job God ever gave me! For the past 14 years, my passion has been cheering, taxiing, supporting and  encouraging Meredith as she set her goals to be the best Christian athlete she could be in the sports she loved-- swimming and volleyball; in short being her “biggest fan.”  With God on our side, she’s been blessed with many opportunities, we’ve made wonderful memories, and are blessed to this day with a wonderful, loving, close relationship.  As she progressed through college,  her strong Christian foundation evident, and graduation approaching in December 2012, I knew my “job” was near completion and I needed to redirect my energy to a new passion as I let her go to pursue her passions.  God’s GALS is that new passion!

The genesis of God’s GALS is our common experience with the Walk to Emmaus and Kay Frels.  Tyanne and Jennifer had been involved with the Walk to Emmaus for a number of years.  In fact, Tyanne had urged me to attend numerous times.  For a number of years, I had wanted to attend a Walk to Emmaus, but I just sensed it wasn’t the right time until last year when I knew I could truly immerse myself fully into the experience.  Meredith was firmly rooted and it was time for me.  Clearly God had a plan because Kay Frels was the Lay Director for my walk in 2011.  During those 72 hours, Kay reached into my soul, touched my heart, and stirred up strong feelings and a long dormant desire to pursue a closer, personal relationship with God.  Ironically, I had always taught and encouraged Meredith to work through everything based on the Bible, prayer,  and her close relationship with God, but for me, I never thought I was worthy of that type of relationship.  At the end of my walk, I knew I could now “let Meredith go” as it was time for me to pursue that stronger, one-on-one relationship with God.  God wanted me too! 

Known to God, but not to us, God was working on His plan.  Kay had planted and watered seeds in all three of us—Tyanne, Jennifer, and me.  Those seeds were being nourished by Kay and many others.  Personally, for the past four years my best friend, Jackie Condra , had also been watering and nurturing the seed that had long been dormant in me.  After Kay’s death this spring, God acted on our hearts and collectively brought us together…God’s GALS was  created. 

Each of us are in different seasons of life and bring different strengths (and weaknesses!) to the table.  God loves us just as we are and wants to use us to help you.   I just celebrated my 50th birthday this summer, and I celebrated it joyfully and happily because I have so much to be thankful for!  I’m excited to share my season of life with you because I believe God is using each of us in different ways to  offer women of all ages, all seasons of life, and all denominations the opportunity to connect with one another and to Christ through God’s GALS.  Come join us, and together we’ll become Growing And Learning Servants of Christ…God’s GALS!

In Christ’s love,


The testimonies behind God's GALS...            from Monica Bard, Tyanne Rakowitz, & Jennifer Storz

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Tyanne Rakowitz

Have you ever thought, how can I ever impact someone's life?  Well, my friends, you may never know how but I promise you are planting seeds in those you touch. 

That's exactly what Kay Frels was doing before her death.  Planting God's word in each person she came in contact with.  Her unexpected death reminded me that we are not promised our next breath here on earth.  Stronger tuggings of the Holy Spirit were in my heart during the week's following Kay's death.  These tugs weren't new just stronger than ever before.  I knew Kay was there with our loving Savior Jesus Christ encouraging me, nudging me, telling can do this...I'm here with you!  So, with encouragement in my heart, I contacted Jennifer Storz and thus began God's GALS a few short weeks later.

 God has truly blessed me throughout my journey called life.  By far, my greatest accomplishments are:  being a wife to the most amazing, loving and supportive man I know for 30 years.  Love you bunches Sweetheart!  I'm Mom to 3 beautiful children; Randy, Ali and Ross and 2 amazing children by love; Gretchen and Wes.  And, believe it or not!  I'm Grammy to 2 handsome grandsons; Mason and Rustyn.  And, grandson #3 will be making his debut into this world in January, 2013.  Can you keep a secret?  Shh!  Grandbaby #4 will bless us in May, 2013!  Yes, you counted right...that's 4 grandbabies under the age of 3!  This is one excited Grammy!

Bill and I have watched our family grow from just the two of us to 5 then to 7 and now 9 and soon to be 11!  Nothing pleases us more than to watch our children and grandchildren grow in God's love.  They too are becoming "growing and loving servants of God".  What a true blessing! of God's greatest masterpieces! 








Jennifer Powell Storz

God’s GALS was inspired by the unwavering ministry of Kay Frels.  She was committed to Christ in every facet of her life.  Kay was a godly “mother”, mentor, teacher, and friend to me.  Her recent and unexpected death inspired me to do something greater for God – to think “out of the box” and my comfort zone and to touch and impact more lives for Christ beyond my immediate home church and community. 

For some time, the Holy Spirit had been tugging on me to help expand women’s ministry opportunities within my church and community.  Apparently Tyanne Rakowitz had a similar tug, although her vision was to reach beyond her town to Jackson County and the Gulf Coast region.  Tyanne contacted me shortly after Kay’s death to share her vision…. And she found out that I had a similar vision!  Monica also shared her vision, so our praying and meetings began and God’s GALS came to fruition in just a few weeks.